In recent years, the number of brand collaborations in the fashion industry has increased significantly, from sportswear brands to luxury brands, from fast clothing brands to artists; brands and people from all sectors now offer their creativity and products to the whole world through collaborations.

But is the only reason behind these collaborations is to reach more customers who will buy their products?

In 2016,  when Apple released the Nike Watch, financial profits was not the only motif behind it, although the profits of this collaboration were not an amount to be underestimated. It is usually assumed that the main goal of such collaborations is to ‘make a lot of money’. However, Apple and Nike are one of the most successful brands in their respective industries.

And just like IKEA’s collaboration with Off White, cross-sector collaborations have become quite intriguing and remarkable.

The Off-White x IKEA ‘MARKERAD’ collection, released in 2019, was liked by many, but at the same time, the partnership of these two unrelated brands surprised many. This collaboration was certainly unexpected and unusual, if not perhaps a Ford x Tinder; but the goal was far more than financial gain. Off-White’s collaborations with not just IKEA but also Lego, Evian, Umbro, Timberland and Nike, led Virgil Abloh to move his reputation and name further from the world of luxury fashion and to be recognized not only in the fashion community, but by very different audiences. As everyone knows, Off-White didn’t need the IKEA customer to gain more profit, just like IKEA didn’t need the Off-White customer as well…

Brands that work and produce together manage to expand their audience, appeal to more people, and get a better chance to show their creativity and vision with the products they create. Nike Air Jordan, which until recently belonged to street fashion, has now become one of the indispensable parts of luxury clothing, something Nike has achieved through its collaborations. Through partnerships with first Supreme, Dior and many more, Air Jordan has become an irreplaceable part of luxury clothing. The classic Air Jordan model carrying the Dior emblem, has been among the favorites of Hollywood’s most famous names, such as Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner!

Now, almost every day we encounter news of a new collaboration, and when we see the ‘x’ between the two brands, we are filled with curiosity, we are involuntarily excited when we look through what brands have accomplished together. So why has the “x” taken over the world?

The fact that luxury brands collaborate with more accessible brands is actually a strategy created in accordance with Gen Z’s shopping habits. Unlike other generations, this generation, which did not idealize a ”perfect and luxurious” life, changed its outlook on luxury through collaborations and began to turn to luxury products that appealed to their own characters and hobbies. In other words, luxury brands that want to promote themselves, expand and reach more people understand that the path to the heart of Gen Z is through collaborations, and they manage to quickly adapt to this reality…

We look forward to new collaborations, whatever strategy these collaborations are part of!