What exactly does a toner do? Whether you’re a skincare enthusiast or a rookie, you’ve probably heard that toner is a must-have step in any skincare routine. But the truth is, that’s not exactly the case.

For some, toner is an indispensable step that they use both in their a.m. and p.m. routines. For some, it’s a not-so-necessary step that they only consider using when they have dryness or acne problems. We’ve written down everything you need to know, from what a toner is to its benefits according to skin type, to how to apply all your skincare products correctly: 

What is toner? 

For some of us, the toner is the second step of our routine that we reach out without even realizing it. So why is it a rather trivial step for some? Because the first toners had very drying properties for the skin, it became a controversial topic in dermatology. The first tonics contained alcohol and witch hazel, which were harsh ingredients that strips all oil from the skin, cause irritation, inflammation and dryness, and even increase some skin problems such as eczema, keratosis pilaris, acne and rosacea. BUT, the old toners can’t come to the phone right now, why? Cause they’re dead.  Most toners today nourishes and restores the skin with moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, aloe vera and chamomile.

Which toner for which skin type?

If you have dry skin, there are two ingredients to look for in your toner: hyaluronic acid and glycerin. Hyaluronic acid moisturizes dehydrated skin, while glycerin is a moisturizing agent that helps moisturize the skin by attracting moisture from the air.

Oily and acne-prone skin should definitely turn to toners containing tea tree oil and salicylic acid. Because these ingredients are so powerful in fighting acne, they regulate the oiliness on the skin and heals scars.

How to use toner? 

You can apply your toner to your freshly washed face with cotton pads or by taking a small amount in your with patting motions. Before moving on to the other step, wait about 30 seconds and allow the product to penetrate the skin.

What are the benefits of toner?

Given the advanced functionality of tonics, if you’re looking for powerful results for a specific skin problem, there are many ways to incorporate them into your skincare routine. The right tonic can be a game changer: it can help reduce oiliness, fight acne, shrink pores, smooth skin texture and increase skin brightness.

But if you don’t like the feel of oily cleansers on your face, a toner may be the right choice for you. Many toners contain a blend of moisturizing ingredients to balance the formula so it doesn’t hurt your skin barrier.

If you are still hesitant about including toner in your routine, let us remind you once again that skin care is a very personal thing and this step is not 100% necessary for every routine. However, toner is an easy product that you can incorporate into your routine to help boost the benefits of your other skincare products. A product that you will see a lot of benefit with little effort 🙂