While long, 10-step skincare routines gained extreme popularity in the recent years, now that we’re slowly going back to ou fast paced lives, people are gravitating towards more manageable and sustainable routines. As such, a new trend known as “skinimalism” has recently emerged…

With the rise of Gen Z and incredibly thorough and informative skincare side of TikTok -aka #SkinTok- skin care consumer consumption and behavior have changed. One NPD report in early 2021 cited a 23% decline in sales of prestige skin care in the UK as consumers streamlined their routines, embracing the skin minimalism or skinimalism trend.

Instead of using so many different serums and oils and having a 10-step routine, using multi-purpose products for a low-maintenance beauty ritual, more in line with the sustainable and “slow” approach to life that we are aspiring to achieve. Also, this move toward skinimalism reflects a core tenet of the hugely successful clean beauty movement which doesn’t only benefit your skin and overall health but also our beloved planetary home.

Consumers simplifying their routines is just one side of the coin. Brands and formulators have responded to the trend by reducing the number of ingredients in products, as well as eliminating those that are unnecessary, paring the formulations down to the bare minimum. Ingredient suppliers have followed suit, reducing the ingredient lists of their own prototype formulas down to a minimum.