How can you make your perfume last longer on your skin during winter?

Have you noticed that your favorite perfume sometimes smells different? All aromatic fragrances need some heat (usually the heat of your skin). The temperature of your skin and enviroment changes the rate of evaporation and diffusion of fragrance molecules, which causes your perfume to smell differently to you and those around you, depending on the weather.  Fortunately, if your signature scent has become more ephemeral in the winter, there are ways to combat it before you give up on it So, which scents are we following this winter?

Moisturize Your Skin

In cold weather, your skin’s natural moisture level also drops, resulting in drier skin. On dry skin, perfume loses its permanence. Using a moisturizing cream with natural ingredients and a lasting scent after getting out of the shower will lock moisture throughout the skin and help your perfume to be permanent, as well as prevent your skin from getting irritated and flaking in cold weather. When applying the cream to your skin, we recommend paying particular attention to the place where you spray your perfume, for example your neck and wrists. Or another option, to deal with the dryness of the skin, add your perfume with a scented body cream to increase its permanence.

Fenty Skin Butta Drop Whipped Oil Body Cream:

With its light, fresh, fruity scent, it activates the senses in the middle of winter. Its rich texture is also a great care for the skin in the cold and dry days of winter.

Focus on the Basis of Fragrance Notes

Light floral and citrus notes are usually found in the top layer of fragrances, which means they’re the first scents you notice when you spray the perfume, but they also change tone quickly and are replaced by longer-lasting base notes. For a long-lasting fragrance, choose woody and musky notes or oriental-based formulas such as amber and oud.

Tip: If you’re brave enough to love mixing the seasons and are on the lookout for rich notes, try squeezing your favorite citrus and floral scent into a woody, spicy winter scent with more lasting bases.

Byredo, Mumbai Noise:

It is incredibly rich, warm and has a lot of fragrance bases. Perfect for the colder months. Warm, cozy, provocative… For anyone who wants a little warmth.

Le Labo Rose 31:

If you want an environmentally friendly fragrance that smells great on almost everyone, Rose 31 is the one. With the feminine scent of rose paired with the masculine notes of cumin, frankincense, cedar, musk and amber, it is a candidate to be the best of both worlds.

Choose the Right Places

We know the right places for spraying perfume,but if we go over it again; wrists, pulse points, and behind the ears…In short, where your skin gets hot the most. However, stop ‘rubbing’ your perfume on your skin because it reduces the diffusion of fragrance, especially on dry skin. In winter, your neck and wrists are often layered with cardigans and sweaters that cover your scent, so spraying your scent on your scarf, coat collar and even lightly in your hair will intensify its effect. Your hair and clothes retain odors longer.

YSL, Black Opium Extreme:

Speaking of intensity, YSL came up with an intense version of Black Opium. I know what you’re thinking… Wasn’t Black Opium already intense enough? The coffee note has been intensified and cocoa has also been added to add more depth. At its heart are jasmine and orange blossom, and then the fragrance intensifies with vanilla and patchouli.