After the return of the 70s, the psychedelic aesthetic of the 60s also returned through prints in the spring collections!

Fashion has long served as an escape route, and more recently this concept has manifested itself in the rebirth of psychedelic prints. The acid aesthetic, an ode to the nostalgia of the ’70s, was first popular with counterculture obsessed San Francisco youth. LSD became one of the most used substances of the west coast in the 60s and started to show its effect in fashion in the 70s.

Now, the second wave of swirling graphics has taken over the collections of both Instagram and luxury fashion brands. From Raf Simons ‘dystopian 2021 Spring/Summer Teenage Dreams collection to Kamala Harris’ stepdaughter Ella Emhoff’s multi-coloured knitwear designs, the trend is back in full swing. So whether you want to escape from this reality or just want to keep up with the times and catch this trend, you should definitely check out these brands!

Raf Simons

Raf Simons Spring/Summer 2021 both men’s and women’s collections were full of 70s flashbacks. In the collection, psychedelic prints took their place on trousers, bodysuits and jackets.

Collina Strada

The only address for extraterrestrial colors is Collina Strada. It’s possible to find everything from cotton candy-colored tracksuits to silk ties! The psychedelic prints boldly reflect the aesthetics of the brand every season.

Anna Sui

In the autumn of 2021, she combined her eclectic Birkin style with late ’60s concert posters and psychedelic style of The Beatles’ Apple Boutique. Set in five different modes, the collection combines many Sui signatures, including chiffon tea dresses, thick black lace embellishments, faux fur leopard coats and creative floral prints.

Tom Ford

Tom Ford’s Spring/Summer 2021 collection also has great psychedelic pieces! They are perfect for welcoming the warm spring weather as well!