Featuring the work of 30 female artists from 20 different countries, NUDE is a collection of images that portray the body through beautiful, disruptive, and experimental lenses, seeking to subvert the historically predominant male gaze and celebrate the human form.

“Nudes” is an exhibition which is varied in itself as it contains the work of 30 different photographers from every corner of the world (Nigeria, Sweden, South Korea, Brazil, USA, Australia, etc.), with the common thread connecting them being the focus on the human body. Another connection, which makes this exhibition even more interesting and exciting, is that all 30 photographers are women! In other words, the exhibition is on the female perspective of the human body.

NUDE addresses the centuries-long fascination with the naked body, and explores the balance between “the nude” as an idealized form versus an honest, natural, and personal artistic expression. In this exhibition of over 200 works of photography, film, and installation, the viewer receives a comprehensive global view of what the body means, how it is used, and what it tells us about modern society from a female perspective.

“A celebration of the human form through the lens of female photographers”

– Amanda Hajjar & Johan Vikner, Exhibitions Organizers

NUDE opens at Fotografiska New York on February 11, and will be on view until May 1.