A decade after they first collaborated, Louis Vuitton and Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama reunite once again for an exclusive collaboration that offers an assortment of polka-dotted accessories and ready-to-wear pieces. Kusama’s signature objects, motifs, and imaginings of infinity take-over the Maison and all of its product categories: from bags to menswear; womenswear to sunglasses; fragrances to shoes and accessories. In turn, there is an evolution of some of Louis Vuitton’s own emblematic pieces, making them equally part of their own and Kusama’s transformative world. Yayoi Kusama’s extensive portfolio of works brings a sense of cheerfulness to the fashion house.

In line with Louis Vuitton’s past artistic collaborations, the encounter between the Maison and Yayoi Kusama is grounded in sincerity, in iconoclasm, and above all, in a mutual appreciation of craft and excellence over the commonplace. At Louis Vuitton, when it comes to the magic of making objects, anything is possible.

The collaboration brings Kusama’s talismanic objects, signature dots and hypnotic motifs into the Maison’s own emblems. The first drop will explore four distinguished motives of Kusama’s repertoire, painted dots, metal dots, infinity dots and psychedelic flowers. Each incarnation of the polka dots has been presided over by Kusama personally – as have all the many and varied objects in the project – being moved with precision to the nearest millimetre, brushstrokes echoed in uncanny detail with their texture and weight intact. It is in this pursuit of the infinite through craft that both Louis Vuitton and Yayoi Kusama are ultimately united. It is in the making of magical objects that transcend space and time that both are engaged in and recognise each other through. It is here that both Louis Vuitton and Yayoi Kusama want the person who possesses such objects to feel both the care and emotional investment it took to make them; to become part of their story and one that will hopefully become part of the story of future generations – stretching into infinity.