By visiting the website and/or mobile applications accessed will be hereinafter referred to as “Portal”, and the above-mentioned sub-domain names of the Portal will be also referred to as “Portal” and all will be covered by this contract)and/or by signing up as a “Member”; you hereby agree, declare and undertake that you have the right and authorization to sign contract and have legal capacity and are over the age of 18 under your relevant laws and that you have read and fully understood the contents of these Terms of Use and fully and unconditionally agree with all aspects indicated in these “Terms of Use’’ upon your visit and during your stay within the Portal and will not make any objections and pleas regarding all matters described in the Portal.

This contract is interpreted as supplementing each other with the Termsof Use, Cookies Policy, Information Text about Personal Data and other texts published in thePortal by DCOM to the extent required.

  • The owner of this Portal isOğuzErelStı̇lDanişmanlikLı̇mı̇tedŞı̇rketı̇, located at “Teşvı̇kı̇yeMah. HüsrevGerede Cad. Tanı̇n Apt.No:88/8 Şı̇şlı̇/ İstanbul” (hereinafter referred to as “DCOM”). The services provided in the Portal and described in the Article 3 of these Terms of Use are provided by “DCOM”.
  • The other party of this contract is the Users that access to this Portal.
  • “Portal”: means the website and mobile applications, if any, which consist of the domain name and the sub-domain names affiliated to this domain name, where DCOM provides its Services.
  • “User”: means a person having access to the Portal.
  • “Visitor”: means a person having access to the Portal without membership.
  • “Member”: means a natural person or legal entity that signs up for the Portal and benefits from the services provided within the Portal in accordance with the conditions of this contract and “Membership Contract”.
  • “Membership”: means the status gained by the user wishing to become a member by filling in the membership form in the Portal completely, providing his/her personal data to DCOM and approving the Membership Contract.
  • “Membership Account”: means a Member-specific special section in the website where Member carries out the operations and actions required to benefit from the services provided within the Portal, makes a request, if any, to DCOM in relation with the issues related to Membership, updates his/her Membership details, if provided, views any existing reports related to the provided services, purchases products and accesses with his/her own ‘‘user ID’’ and ‘‘password’’ designated and exclusively used by him/her through the Portal.
  • “DCOM Services” (“Service”): means the services by which Users may purchase online magazines, printed magazines, textile products and other products published from time to time as well as the top fashion news and novelties published by DCOM for all users accessing to the Portal.
  • “Contents”: means all information, articles, files, photos, videos, numbers and similar visual, textual and auditory images, which are possible to be accessed and published at the Portal.
  • “API”: means Application Programming Interface, associated documents (including electronic documents), protocols and subsequent relevant versions, upgrades, developments, programming adjustments, updates and upgrades which are created by DCOM and designed to provide particular functionalities.This term also includes Facebook, Google synchronization, Twitter and Instagram in the process of membership.
  • “DCOM Interface”: means the internet pages that command the computer program to carry out all operations through the Portal, within the designs which are protected under Law No 5846 on Intellectual and Artistic Works and whose all intellectual rights belong to DCOM, and which are intended for the Users to browse the contents created by DCOM and used by Users and inquire the same from DCOM Database.
  • “DCOM Database”: means the database belonging to DCOM and protectedunder Law No 5846 on Intellectual and Artistic Works and other various laws and for which limited access is provided within the Portal and where contents are stored, classified, inquired and accessed.
  • All written, visual and/or auditory contents published in the Portal can be viewed by all visitors without any obligation to become a member. In addition, the rights of subscription for the digital magazines, printed magazines, textile products and journals sold or to be sold within the Portal are only granted to the users that are members to the Portal. In the course of time, DCOM may also sell the products under its own brand and/or under other brands within the Portal.
  • All members are subject to the relevant Membership Contract and Information Text about Personal Data. Apart from these, no personal data of visitors is recorded and processed. All data that is collected anonymously and do not match with the personal data of all Users including visitors under the Cookies Policies may be used by DCOMthrough various applications anonymously and generally for the purpose of enhancing customer satisfaction and conducting analysis. For more information, you can refer to the text of Cookies Policies. Personal data provided by Members during membership procedures will be stored and processed due to the obligations regarding the conclusion of contracts and for the execution of the work in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law No 6698 (PDPL) and will be deleted upon cancellation of membership or in case of necessity.

You can refer to the “Information Text” for all information about the purpose of use of your personal data, collection of data and your other rights.

  • Users may make transactions through the Portal for legal purposes. Legal and penal liability for each transaction and action done by Users within the Portal belongs to the Users, and ‘‘User’’ hereby agrees, declares and undertakes that DCOM will not assume any responsibilitiesin relation with such legal and penal liabilities.
  • Users agree and undertake that they will not engage in any activities within the Portal that might result in unfair competition according to the relevant legislation, will not commit any acts that might damage the personal and commercial reputation and violate or attack the personal rights of DCOM and third parties, will act in full compliance with the legislation, public order and general rules of ethics, take the measures and fulfill the procedures required by the legislation and will not demonstrate any behaviors and attitudes that are illegal, constitute a crime, disturbing and violating personal rights, intellectual rights, copyrights, trademark rights and property rights.
  • DCOM sells contents, services and products under this contract and other supplementary texts published by it. DCOM does not allow for any attempt to access to a particular number of or all documents through the database for any other purposes, copying any or all of the customer information, designs, codes and software and information in the database,publishing them in other platforms directly or indirectly, compiling, processing, modifying, transferring the same to other databases, providing the same from this database for access and use by third parties and similar acts including granting a link of all Contents within the Portal, and executing these actions and operations without prior authorization constitutes a crime. In addition, any attempt to disrupt and modify any or all parts of the Portal and try to hack API protocols through reverse engineering or any other method, unauthorized access to parameters such as API key, API secret key, request titles, server verification algorithm etc. or sharing these parameters with third parties without prior authorization, any attempt to access to the Portal in a way that prevents and disrupts communication or technical systems of the Portal or that intervenes the System, use of automatic program, robot, spider, web crawler, data mining, data crawling and similar screen scraping software or systems, automatic tools or manual processes in the Site, unauthorized access to the data or software of other users, execution of activities and operations (spam, virus, Trojan horse, DDOS etc.) that prevent or make it difficult for Users to benefit from the services of others, use of the contents of the Portal in violation of the Terms of Use, provisions of other supplementary legislations and provisions of legal legislations and any actions and operations in violation of these terms and laws will be deemed as illegal acts and DCOM will reserve its rights to claim financial and non-financial indemnities and take all kinds of penal and judicial actions and proceedings. DCOM is entitled to report User to competent authorities.User agrees to be personally responsible for any damages and claims that arise as a result of such unauthorized uses.
  • DCOM always reserves its right to change, remove, reduce, increase, close for access by third parties and delete these Terms of Use and all information, Contents, pricing and the provided services at this Portal without sending prior notice or warning to the User. These changes will be periodically published at and will be valid and effective on the date of publication. Each natural person or legal entity that accesses to the Portal is deemed to agree with the Terms of Use and any changes made in the Terms of Use by DCOM. The access to these Terms of Use by each person using the Portal is possible by visiting the website
  • DCOM might offer and remove discounts and campaigns to its members and other users from time to time. It also reserves its right to make changes in the pricing of products provided by it. The member that benefits from a campaign or discount may exercise such right according to the conditions and within the period of time allowed by the Portal.
  • All components including (but not limited to) this Portal’s database, interface, design, texts, images, symbols, logos, html code and other codes available within this Portal,for which use and marketing rights have been obtained or even if their novelties not certified yet,are registered in the name of DCOM, and ‘‘all copyrights, sales and marketing rights’’ belong to DCOM.
  • Users are not entitled to, directly or indirectly, resell, process, copy, reproduce, share without reference, distribute and exhibit the cover photos, designs, catalogues and similar information of the periodicals and other products presented by DCOM, without profit making purpose or for commercial purposes, and all contents including (but not limited to) all photos, texts, articles, visual and auditory symbols, files, databases, code structures and lists, without profit making purpose or for commercial purposes.
  • In case of late or incomplete fulfillment or failure to fulfill the obligations by DCOM due to legal events of force majeure, DCOM will not have any liability to pay any indemnity. Events of force majeure are described as events which occur beyond reasonable control of the relevant party and which cannot be prevented by DCOM in spite of necessary care, including but not limited to natural disasters, war, fire, pandemic, strike, riot, uprising, adverse weather conditions, infrastructure and internet breakdowns, system-related improvement and renovation works and all breakdowns that occur for these reasons, power failure, access problems and delays in the delivery of products.
  • The disputes arising from this contract and the implementation of this contract will be governed by the Turkish Laws. For all disputes that arise or will arise from these Terms of Use, except for the sales made through Distance Contracts; Istanbul (Çağlayan) Courts and Enforcement Offices will be authorized.
  • These Terms of Use come into force on the date of publication by DCOM at the Portal. By using the Portal, Users are deemed to accept these Terms of Use and the changes made in these terms from time to time.