Cookies are small files that are saved and stored on your device (e.g. computer, mobile phone, tablet, etc.) by your browser (e.g. Chrome, Safari, Explorer etc.). Cookies are generally used to provide you with a personalized experience while using the website you visit, to improve the services offered, and to improve your experience, and can contribute to ease of use while browsing a website. The information that can be accessed by a website is limited to what you provide to it.


The website (hereinafter referred to as the “Web Site” or “Internet Site”) established by Oğuz Erel Stil Danışmanlık Ltd. Şti. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) will query and obtain the following information through your browser, respecting your rights in accordance with the relevant legislation. You will share the operating system and the platform (e.g. mobile, pc, tablet, etc.) you  use, the IP address from which you connect, the browser you use  to access the website, and the version of this browser. Since this information does not match your personal data, the website records the above-mentioned facts anonymously. Again, thanks to these cookies, the website also works in connection with the management and analysis of the advertisements displayed on all platforms of the Company in an anonymous manner according to the standard information stated above. When you subscribe to the website later, this information can be synchronized with your personal data as a whole. However, it is only processed by our website and anonymously. The information obtained from these cookies anonymously stores the types of platforms our website is accessed from, such as the Google Analytics program, location information on city and country basis, and the time of access to the site in the system, and contributes to the development of the current service by analysing in the light of this information.


Your data may not be recorded without your consent in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law or the relevant legislation.


Since you log in to our website and accept the terms and conditions of this cookie policy, we shall have the right to collect the above-mentioned data anonymously,  and that we have the right to use the guiding methods about the data, which are not known to whom they belong but are generally used in the improvement of service quality, both for security reasons and for analysis purposes, and to use these analysis results in accordance with Company policy. If you do not want to consent to the cookie policy for security reasons and to improve customer satisfaction, you should not use the site or configure your browser settings accordingly, and we recommend that you frequently clear your past cookies from your browser.


The website can use the types of cookies that we define below continuously or at various times;

  • Essential information to be received: These are essential cookies for the website you are visiting to function properly. The purpose of such cookies is to provide the necessary service by making the site work.


As an example, these cookies allow access to secure parts of the website that are reserved only for certain users, and to fully use its features.


  • Cookie method used for analysis: These cookies collect information about the usage pattern of the website, the frequency and number of visits, and show how the visitors pass to the site. The purpose of using such cookies is to increase performance by improving the functioning of the site and to determine the general trend direction. They do not contain data that can be used to identify visitors.


As an example, these cookies show the duration of the visitors’ stay on the site anonymously, which pages are visited the most, and the number of error messages displayed.


  • Visitor Habits Cookies: These cookies enable the website to remember the preferences that a visitor has made in the site by recording such preferences. This type of cookies also makes the website more practical for the user by providing convenience and functionality to the visitors.


The best example is that these cookies will allow a user to continue on each page of the site without having to enter his/her password again.


  • Advertising Cookies: These cookies measure the effectiveness of advertisements displayed to visitors on the website and calculate how many times the ads are viewed. The purpose of such cookies is to display ads that are customized to the interests of visitors.


Likewise, they ensure that the specific interests of the visitors are identified and the appropriate content is displayed to them. They also prevent any ad displayed to the visitor from being displayed again in a short time.

The mandatory, functional and analytical cookies used by our site


  • Are required for full use of website features by the visitor.
  • Allow to speed up activities during another visit to the website.
  • Help us to gather statistical data and develop content in line with this data by providing anonymous usage analysis of all users of the website into analysis reports with the help of Google Analytics, by looking at these general usage analyses and understanding how the website is used by visitors.
  • do not damage your computer and do not contain any viruses.

The mandatory, functional and analytical cookies used by our site obtain your personal data during your visit to our site, and your personal data are processed anonymously since that it is compulsory for our legitimate interests, also provided that your fundamental rights and freedoms are not harmed.

The management of cookies varies according to the type of browser we use. You can always delete or block cookie data from the settings section of your browser. Below we submit the cookie management of the most used browsers below in order to facilitate the management of cookies on your behalf. Accordingly;


Access by clicking the logo for Google Chrome;

Access by clicking the logo for Firefox:

Access by clicking the logo for Safari:

To manage cookies on your mobile device:


For Apple Devices;

  • You can clear your browsing history and cookies via “Settings -> Safari -> Delete History and Website Data”.
  • Follow the “Settings -> Safari -> Advanced -> Website Data -> Delete All Website Data” to delete cookies and keep your history.
  • If you do not want historical data to be recorded while visiting the Sites;
    • You can activate private browsing by following the “Safari ->icon -> Private -> Done”.
  • You can block cookies by “Settings -> Safari -> Block All Cookies”. But if you block cookies, some websites and features may not work properly.


For Android Devices:

  • You can clear your cookies via “Chrome app -> Settings -> Privacy -> Clear browsing data -> Cookies, media licenses and site data -> Clear Data”.
  • You can allow or block cookies via “Chrome Application -> Settings -> Site Settings -> Cookies” option.

You can use the “Contact Us” section to send us all your questions and comments about the Cookie Policy.