About Us

Dry Clean Only, with its mostly being a fashion platform, it does not turn its back on society’s problems. It creates an option and mindfulness for the audience by producing a solution-oriented content against the rooted and hard to prevent issues in the fashion industry. Dry Clean Only does not judge, criticize, compete or outcast. It has an innovative attitude and curious eye to the norms.


We believe the change starts with the individual. Each changing individual contributes directly to society’s transformation. Moving together with this change, we believe that an active role should be taken to reach a more aware, sensitive and optimistic place.


Dry Clean Only has the urge to show the young and talented fashion workers of the Turkish fashion industry to the world. It has the principle of working hand in hand with the minorities and sub-cultured groups. Dry Clean Only team consists of the dynamic and eager individuals of fashion, architecture, music and art sectors. Besides topics such as photography, fashion, art & culture, beauty and architecture it announces subsections such as queer visibility, women’s rights as human rights and global warming matters as a continuously published content.


Apart from Dry Clean Only being a platform where daily news will be presented to the reader on DryCleanOnlyMagazine.com it is a quarterly published fashion, photography and art magazine. This magazine will be printed quarterly and will be available on digital platforms. All content on the website and the quarterly magazine’s English versions are accessible.


Although Dry Clean Only embraces every age group, it is directly related to the generation Z. It contains the encouraging attitude for this generation who has no problem with adapting to the technology.