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The new hit horror movie Séance, is about a murder mystery taking place at Edelvine Academy for Girls. Séance also features a lot of tension between the students, with Alice, portrayed by Inanna Sarkis, being the queen bee of the school. We did an exclusive interview with Sarkis on her rise to fame, motherhood and the importance of representation.

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Mugler, Mirror Palais, Manolo Blahnik

What drives your passion for acting? / Who inspires you as an actress?

My drive for acting comes from my love for creativity. Some of my favorite theatrical talents include Angelina Jolie, Sandra Bullock, Sophia Loren and Jennifer Lawerence . 

How does coming from a really hard-working immigrant family reflect to your job? Do you see yourself playing a role as being the voice of the voiceless?

Coming from a hard-working immigrant family has shaped me into the person that I am. I saw first hand how hard my parents worked, not know English very well, working double shifts at any job that could take them. My parents were doctors in their country so imagine doing all that schooling only to come to a new country and be forced to wash dishes to make ends meet for you family. Witnessing that is what gave me the hustle mentality and work ethic I have today.

Of course I see myself playing a role as being the voice for the voiceless. It’s my purpose as a actress. I’d love to play and tell the story of a Syrian female soldier or an immigrant who has to start from scratch in a new country not know the language.

You grew up hating your name because you got picked on and now you seem very confident in your own body and proud of who you are. What was your self-love journey like? Can you share a few key moments from this journey?

It was a long journey! I learned to love who am I and where I came from, especially after being bullied. It takes a certain level of strength that isn’t really taught unless you go through it. Finding self love has been a beautiful and fulfilling journey for me!


You started your YouTube channel at the age of 16 and done multiple collaborations with prominent Youtubers over the years and now you’re on TikTok and honestly your content is quite relatable and authentic. Do the boundaries of your personal life and the content you share ever get confusing? 

Of course! It has a tendency to be confusing at times but I try to be mindful of the content I’m posting. I like to be open, but I also like my privacy.

How do you manage to be yourself and stay authentic on social networks? 

It takes a lot of strength. I try to not be too worried about being judged and I keep it top of mine that not everyone is going to be a fan. That said, I stay true to my authentic self. 

Can you walk us through the transition of you being a YouTuber to being a movie star? At what point did you want to make acting your career?

Acting was always my end goal, even when I started on Vine and YouTube. At that time, no one was taking influencers into consideration for roles but quite rapidly, that’s changed which I’m happy about. 

Mirror Palais, Mugler,Manolo Blahnik

We all know by now the importance of representation. Growing up, did you feel represented at all and what would be different if you had the chance to see more people from underrepresented backgrounds make it?

I did not see representation and still don’t. Coming from an Assyrian and Bulgarian, and have those as my first two languages is a very rare thing. I grew up hating that no one else knew what I was and where I was from. I had to constantly explain my background and I remember even being shamed for it and feeling like I had to lie and say I was Spanish just to fit in. No one at my schools had the same ethnicity as me so I really felt left out because it. The only person I know of that is part Syrian is Steve Jobs! And when I found that out o was ecstatic. 

Being in the entertainment industry, I feel like it is my duty to represent my minority since I never had that growing up. Assyrian is a ancient language and a part of me that makes me so unique. I think that the industry is finally adapting to diversity and it is honestly such a breath of fresh air!

Congratulations on your beautiful daughter. Being a parent gives a lot of new perspectives to a person. Does being a mom give you a new perspective on acting, especially in terms of the roles you choose?

It has given me a new prospective and level of empathy and vulnerability. It doesn’t necessarily change the roles that I choose, but gives me a greater perspective to advocate for womens empowerment. 

Please tell our readers about your new movie Séance and your character Alice?

Camille Meadows is the new girl at the prestigious Edelvine Academy for Girls. Soon after her arrival, six friends invite her to join them in a late-night ritual, calling forth the spirit of a dead former student who reportedly haunts the halls. But before morning, one of the girls is dead, leaving the others wondering what they may have awakened. My character is an alpha female who is very dominant and outspoken – she does not approve Camille (Suki Waterhouse) with the new girl coming to school and protective over her friend group; she is a low key fighter but in the best way possible. 

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