Oh, how much we miss going to concerts of our favorite artists and bands! For almost a year, we have had to follow them only on the internet, on their social media accounts. Crowded, noisy festivals and concerts are almost history. The value of virtual activities that are compatible with our new lifestyle is subsequently growing. Watching concerts, shows and events on digital platforms is now something we are all used to.

Last April, famous rapper Travis Scott performed a live concert at Fortnite, Epic Games’ infamous game. This was not the first virtual concert of Fortnite, with live events and an extraordinary style, in February 2019 Marshmello gave an in-game concert and thrilled the fans, introducing the new and dynamic virtual concert concept to us before the coronavirus hit. Marshmello was watched by 10.7 million users at this live in-game event, but the concert video reached nearly 27 million viewers on YouTube! Just like this concert, Travis Scott’s in-game virtual concert received incredible attention, and more than 12.3 million Fortnite users witnessed this performance. Scott, who has partnered with companies such as McDonalds and Nike, reportedly made $20 million from the virtual gig. So, the collaboration with Fortnite has made Travis Scott even a richer man in 2020!

Last month, Lil Nas X also joined this trend and signed with Roblox, performing a historic in-game concert. Although Roblox is not as famous as Fortnite, it is definitely a game that makes a difference with its dynamic structure and constant development by users. 21-years-old Lil Nas X must have liked it too, as the Grammy-winning singer sang his new single for the first time at this concert. The in-game concert reached a total of 33 million viewers.

Games like Fortnite and Roblox are getting closer to changing the habits of the next generation step by step. The fact that reality and real-life experiences can be created so well in virtual environments seems to be very profitable for artists, gamers, and the companies that develop these games. Already, millions of players are waiting to experience the next virtual concert.

The future of in-game concert events, which began about a year ago is very bright, with coronavirus or not. Even in a virtual environment, you can wear the clothes you want, meet your friends, chat and watch the concerts of your favorite artists. So, does this new virtual experience create the same feeling as being in a real concert hall? Or is it no substitute for a real concert experience, no matter how much it’s improved? We’ll think about the answer extensively as we watch new virtual events and performances in the coming months.