Whether you are a Tiktok user or not, it is unlikely that you have never seen the app and its videos, because it is literally impossible to escape from this app!

Although the app is mostly associated with Gen Z, its impact on the fashion industry has also become undeniable. Style icons such as Bella Hadid are sharing their entertaining content and luxury brands like Saint Laurent and Louis Vuitton broadcast their fashion shows live on TikTok; Designers, models and other talents are discovered through the creative videos they post! 

Although TikTok stands out for its creative, comfortable content, TikTok users have seen very suddenly how effective having a following can be in climbing the career ladder. Wisdom Kaye, a user who creates styling content at TikTok, gained more than 4 million followers in 1 year and signed a contract with IMG Models last year; now he works with brands such as Balmain and Dior!


this would actually be happening rn if it wasn’t for ‘rona🤧😞 (ib: @evelilythrifts) #gucci #rickowens #saintlaurent #prada

♬ Originalton – A$hanti

Thanks to Instagram, influencers are not an unfamiliar concept for fashion brands, but a fairly new space for TikTok users. Fashion at TikTok goes beyond clothes and translates into creative expression. Although TikTok is known for being a fun platform, it also serves as a whole new way for the fashion industry to showcase their art and personalities.

Tiktok announced that the fashion show live broadcasts received more than 3 million views in September. IMG Models, one of the largest model agencies in the world, stated that they are looking more and more at the app in search of a new face. Kennedy Jardine de Wisdom Kaye is just one of the models discovered through the app … So it’s clear that the industry creates its future through an app!

Even designers busy growing their latest collections have begun to create time to share the process at TikTok. People really want to learn more about fashion and the fashion industry. Designers such as Jacquemus creative director Simon Porte and Olivier Rousteing of Balmanin are among the most active users of the app. Using the app skillfully, Rousteing both showcases the brand’s latest designs and shares his sketch work with the team, a day at the office and a home work out! JW Anderson also posted a tutorial video on the app on how to knit Harry Styles ‘ patchwork cardigan, which went viral. The result: patchwork videos now have 22.3 million views!


Making the JW Anderson Patchwork Cardigan is easy with our step-by-step video. Stay tuned for part 2 coming tomorrow. #fyp #ukfashion

♬ original sound – JW Anderson

The colourblock cardigan has been on an incredible journey this year, all because of you! #harrystylescardigan #jwanderson

♬ original sound – JW Anderson

TikTok has become a place where businesses are born, as well as ensuring the growth of brands when used correctly. Sustainable fashion brands in particular are gaining popularity on TikTok. The hashtags #upcycling and #vintage have a total of 10 billion views, and the popularity of these hashtags illustrates Gen Z’s obsession with sustainable and reformed clothing.

landscape graphic knitwear !!!!! #fyp

♬ Lady x West Ten – switchdisco

Are you surprised by the return of Y2K fashion this year? We should all thank TikTok for that. This year, users on the app literally fell in love with 2000s fashion. According to TikTok, the hashtag #Y2KFashion has more than 58 million views. This unexpected popularity has had an earthquake effect in mainstream fashion: in the 2000s, brands such as Juicy Couture and Von Dutch, rose from the ashes and relaunched on popular demand.

We’re seeing a growing appetite for styling and fashion content on TikTok and videos about how users incorporate trends into their wardrobes. While digital presentations, which replaced physical shows, went beyond expectations; Can TikTok transcend its potential and turn into a platform where trends are formed, not included? Can viral fashion trends exist in 2021 and in a world without Covid-19 with the same popularity? We’ll have to wait and see. 😊