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The way brands reach their target audience continues to evolve according to the preferences of Gen Z and the Millennials.

Brands that used to develop forward-looking strategies before, only adapt to trends now. Those brands who understood that new consumers’ way to their heart is via TikTok, gone into a popularity contest on the app. From Prada to Fashion Nova, many labels try to benefit from TikTok; however, who is doing it wrong, who is doing it right?

We see that luxury brands with millions of followers on Instagram, cannot achieve the same success on TikTok. With 7,6 million followers on Instagram, Givenchy who joined the app in May only has 4738 followers on TikTok. MiuMiu also takes its place amongst the ones who couldn’t achieve the same success they did on Instagram, having only 12.000 followers on TikTok. MiuMiu and Givenchy share this disappointment with Burberry, Marc Jacobs and Prada. Even though with 160.000 followers, Prada is amongst one of the most followed brands, the number of comments under its content are almost next to nothing compared to their Instagram page. The real reason luxury brands on TikTok cannot recognize their audience yet is because their high-quality ad videos that look like art piece next to Gen Z’s natural and uncut videos. TikTok is a platform that feels sincere and comfortable with its low-quality videos. Yes, luxury brands create great aesthetically pleasing content, but the young TikTok users only want to be seen and laugh.

When 21 years old Morgan Presley’s video of “how to dress like a Gucci model” in which Presley gives instructions step by step to look like a Gucci model went viral, users made their versions of the video using the voice from the original.


Хотели бы стать моделью #gucci? Как думаете, у меня получилось? 🤔 #guccimodel #guccimodelchallenge

♬ Gucci model be like – Anel Orynbassar

it’s the standing like lil uzi for me #guccimodelchallenge #fyp

♬ original sound – Gucci

Hey @gucci if ur seeing this… hi 😏#guccimodelchallenge #tiktokfashion #tiktokfashionmonth ib: @morganpresleyxo

♬ original sound – Gucci

Gucci, who wanted to get their piece of the pie, gained unexpected popularity reposting the users’ videos under the hashtag #guccimodelchallenge. When the brand’s previous hashtags #GucciTenis1997 and #GucciFW20 that were made to promote product launch and the runway show, couldn’t even pass 2 million views whereas #guccimodelchallenge hashtag has nearly 50 million of views! So, following the fast fashion brands, Gucci succeeded by making young consumers create their very own content!

Fast fashion brands, on the other hand, with their targeted content, managed to get ahead of the luxury brands on the app. Fashion Nova, Pretty Little Things and Shein’s millions of followers, views and likes reflected on the labels’ sales. Fast fashion brands won the hearts of TikTok users by giving challenges, filters and sounds to broaden creativity instead of high-quality ads.

Cover imagery via Gucci