Bottega Veneta introduced the ‘Bottega for Bottegas’ initiative in support of Italian creativity.

A culture rooted in its bottegas. Translated in essence as ‘creative workshops’, these communities contribute to the unique appeal of ‘Made in Italy’. As one of the world’s most visible bottega, Bottega Veneta wanted to support the creativity of Italian Bottegas.

Bottega Veneta CEO Bartolomeo Rongone said in a statement, “We are excited to launch the Bottega for Bottegas project with a number of Italian artisans with whom we share the common values of creativity and craftsmanship. Especially at this time when local businesses continue to be affected by the pandemic, these ‘Bottegas’ with their roots in Italian culture, we are proud to offer them worldwide visibility, handing over our advertising spaces, website, newsletters and storefronts to them.”

Bottega Veneta is leveraging its brand awareness and passing along its global visibility – coveted advertising spaces, website, newsletters, and store windows – to twelve bottegas selected from across Italy:

  • Amatruda, Campania
  • Cantina Bisson, Liguria
  • Enza Fasano, Puglia
  • Gay-Odin, Campania
  • Ginepraio Gin, Toscana
  • Krumiri Rossi, Piemonte
  • Pastificio Martelli, Toscana
  • Bottega Orsoni, Veneto
  • Riso Pozzi, Lombardia
  • Respighi Drums, Lombardia
  • Olio Vanini, Lombardia
  • Saponificio Varesino, Lombardia

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