When the spirit of the New Year is combined with the Fall/Winter collections, it actually creates the festival and party feeling that we all need in every display.

Luxury fashion names are also doing a great job of surprising us all this season. Here are 10 of our favorite holiday displays from New York, Paris, London and other fashion hotspots. Happy New Year!

Louis Vuitton, 2019

Louis Vuitton entered 2019 by celebrating the new year with the festive spirit that covers the entire corner façade of its Fifth Avenue store. Adorned with fluorescent sculptures and bright colors, the iconic monogram logo of the brand was beautifully illuminated and coloured. Pop art animations with 3D globes and hearts weave through the outside of the building to shop windows displaying iconic pieces.

Dior, 2019

For its holiday displays, Dior was inspired by the 2020 cruise collection, where know-how and tradition redefined the house’s iconic Jouy material. The result? The windows of the house are decorated with blue and gold touches. The prints designed by Maria Grazia Chiuri pay homage to mixed cultures and nature.

Chanel, 2020
Fendi, 2020
Cartier, 2020

Nothing beats the feeling of seeing a red Cartier box under a Christmas tree. But even looking at the sparkly red ribbon that wraps around the ironic-named Fifth Avenue store feels close to it.

Tiffany & Co., 2015, NYC
Louis Vuitton, 2020

Is there really a New Year’s spirit without a tree? That’s how Louis Vuitton thinks, so the luxury brand has placed a tall, artistic replica of the iconic evergreen tree in its Fifth Avenue store. And continuing with the theme of the metropolitan arboretum, the displays shone with the brand’s iconic characters, new accessories and other trees placed directly next to the catwalk styles.

Fendi, 2021

Since the end of November 2021, new season displays and decorations have been lighting up FENDI boutiques around the world. Marble prints remain a signature motif at FENDI, paying homage to Rome and classical Italian aesthetics, and are increasingly becoming an important component of the maison’s visual language. The designs of the displays and shops were made in collaboration with Odd Matter and Marcel Christ, a state-of-the-art design studio that curiously approaches everything strange but remarkable, believes in exploring and exploring our world through materials and stories.

Dior, 2021

Decorated with illuminated versions of the stars of Monsieur Dior, a symbol of goodness and good fortune, Dior’s stores around the world illuminate the dark times.

Galeries Lafayette, Paris, Bottega Veneta 2021