Skin care is not one size fits all—which is why we are all about a good facial serum to customize our routines to get one step closer to healthier, more radiant-looking skin…

If you’ve ever look at a mirror and noticed your skin looking dull and and lifeless, exfoliation can help lift the ceil and reveal brighter, glowy skin. When we hear exfoliaton, we immediately think of the pshyical exfoliants; such as wallnut and sugar scrubs. But before you reach for those, keep reading this article for the serums that can do the job without damaging your skin barrier.

When it comes to exfoliating serums, it’s all about the ingredients—specifically the acids, which are responsible for lifting away dead skin cells. Here are the ingredients you should consider when shopping for an exfoliating serum.

  • Glycolic Acid: A type of alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) derived from sugarcane and is good for hyperpigmentation. Applying a serum formulated with this acid can help tone the skin and promote a more even-looking complexion.
  • L-ascorbic Acid: A pure form of vitamin C, known for its antioxidant properties and its ability to brighten and promote clarity.
  • Salicylic Acid: This beta hydroxy acid (BHA) lessens the symptoms of acne. On top of that, it “encourages exfoliation, eases inflammation and unclogs pores,” she adds.
  • Citric Acid: Derived from citrus, this AHA helps exfoliate. On top of that, this can help calm inflamed skin.
  • Malic Acid: This fruit acid comes from apples and can also help slough off dead skin.
  • Lactic Acid: Another AHA that plumps the skin, making fine lines look less visiblE. In addition, it also “exfoliates to reveal smoother and more glowing skin.

Here’s what you need to know when choosing the right exfoliating serums for normal, dry, oily, mature and sensitive skin types.

  • Normal, Dry and Mature Skin: For this skin type, an exfoliating serum with vitamins, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, along with the acids will work wonders.
  • Oily or Acne-Prone Skin: If you have oily [or] acne-prone skin, salicylic acid is best.
  • Sensitive Skin: Just because you experience sensitivity doesn’t mean you can’t reap the benefits of exfoliating serums. Just avoid glycolic acid and BHAs as these can increase sensitivity. On the other hand, lactic acid is a “much gentler” alternative for this skin type.




While long, 10-step skincare routines gained extreme popularity in the recent years, now that we’re slowly going back to ou fast paced lives, people are gravitating towards more manageable and sustainable routines. As such, a new trend known as “skinimalism” has recently emerged…

With the rise of Gen Z and incredibly thorough and informative skincare side of TikTok -aka #SkinTok- skin care consumer consumption and behavior have changed. One NPD report in early 2021 cited a 23% decline in sales of prestige skin care in the UK as consumers streamlined their routines, embracing the skin minimalism or skinimalism trend.

Instead of using so many different serums and oils and having a 10-step routine, using multi-purpose products for a low-maintenance beauty ritual, more in line with the sustainable and “slow” approach to life that we are aspiring to achieve. Also, this move toward skinimalism reflects a core tenet of the hugely successful clean beauty movement which doesn’t only benefit your skin and overall health but also our beloved planetary home.

Consumers simplifying their routines is just one side of the coin. Brands and formulators have responded to the trend by reducing the number of ingredients in products, as well as eliminating those that are unnecessary, paring the formulations down to the bare minimum. Ingredient suppliers have followed suit, reducing the ingredient lists of their own prototype formulas down to a minimum.


fashion week runway beauty trends



After traveling all over the world from New York to London, Milan & Paris, the fashion month has finally came to an end until the next season.

Let’s have a look at this year’s runway beauty trends!

Slicked Hair/Wet Look
Jil Sander
Glass-like Complexions
Giambatista Valli
Nensi Dojaka
Julia Fox eyes & Bleached Brows
Dion Lee
Saint Laurent
Graphic eyeliner
Marine Serre
Copper and bleached hair
Power of a Red Lip
Silver & Gold eyehsadows
Gucci x Adidas




One thing about Euphoria: there is no other TV Show with greater impact on makeup trends…Now, Euphoria fans, rejoice! Donni Davy is launching the ultimate “Euphoria makeup”.

Last season, the internet was obsessed with all things Euphoria makeup. From memes to countless recreations and inspired looks, the show quickly cemented its glittery, bejeweled make-up looks as a pop culture icon.

Doniella Davy is the mastermind behind all the Euphoria glam and the founder of the viral trend “Euphoria makeup”. Now, she is giving the fans what they’ve been begging for, Half Magic, made in collaboration with Euphoria and A24. The makeup artist announced the brand on Tuesday, which she’s been incorporating into the hit show’s second season. Davy has been developing the brand shortly after the first season of “Euphoria” aired in 2019, which actually means we’ve probably seen some of the product on the Euphoria cast!

“I’ve been secretly working on creating the makeup line of my literal DREAMS,” Davy shared in an Instagram post yesterday. “I couldn’t be more completely over the moon thrilled out of my mind to introduce Half Magic.” According to Instagram’s the beauty news account @trendmood1, Half Magic will reportedly arrive sometime this spring, around May.

If you wanna gather some inspo before the brand launches you can always check Donni’s Instagram page. She often gives a backstage peek at the looks on her Instagram, where she’s garnered over 400 thousand followers and counting. She explains the symbolism behind the makeup and the process of developing the designs with the cast.

Although the show’s makeup looks are more focused on the eyes, we are so excited to see different variety of products from the brand!

Follow their Instagram @halfmagicbeauty and sign up on to stay updated.




As a trend, slugging’s rising popularity can be traced back to the K-beauty world before hitting forums like Reddit’s Skincare Addiction and later TikTok. 

Slugging gets its name from, well, slugs. You may be familiar with the facial that involves actual slugs sliding across your face, but this isn’t the same. By definition, slugging is a K-Beauty skincare trend which includes coating your face in petrolatum or Vaseline. So, no real slugs are in motion here. This is meant to prevent transepidermal water loss and keep moisture in your skin. It’s best for dry skin types.

Like so many of the best skin care breakthroughs and trends, slugging originated in K-Beauty before catching fire on the internet (collective knowledge forums like Reddit and Twitter in particular). Now, slugging is full-on mainstream.

As far as the benefits of this trend go, there is one ultimate goal of slugging: hydration. According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), petroleum jelly can help relieve dry skin by providing moisture. This, in turn, leads to a plethora of other benefits, like more youthful-looking, glowy, and bouncy skin. It’s thought to be especially beneficial during the cold, less humid winter months that tend to leave your skin feeling dry and tight.

As far as the benefits of this trend go, there is one ultimate goal of slugging: hydration. According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), petroleum jelly can help relieve dry skin by providing moisture. This, in turn, leads to a plethora of other benefits, like more youthful-looking, glowy, and bouncy skin. It’s thought to be especially beneficial during the cold, less humid winter months that tend to leave your skin feeling dry and tight.

As far as frequency goes, it’s best to listen to your skin. If you have skin that tends to be dry, you may benefit from slugging on the daily. Those that have oily skin, however, may find they want to take part less or only during the winter months. Listen to your complexion to determine what makes sense for you.




How can you make your perfume last longer on your skin during winter?

Have you noticed that your favorite perfume sometimes smells different? All aromatic fragrances need some heat (usually the heat of your skin). The temperature of your skin and enviroment changes the rate of evaporation and diffusion of fragrance molecules, which causes your perfume to smell differently to you and those around you, depending on the weather.  Fortunately, if your signature scent has become more ephemeral in the winter, there are ways to combat it before you give up on it So, which scents are we following this winter?

Moisturize Your Skin

In cold weather, your skin’s natural moisture level also drops, resulting in drier skin. On dry skin, perfume loses its permanence. Using a moisturizing cream with natural ingredients and a lasting scent after getting out of the shower will lock moisture throughout the skin and help your perfume to be permanent, as well as prevent your skin from getting irritated and flaking in cold weather. When applying the cream to your skin, we recommend paying particular attention to the place where you spray your perfume, for example your neck and wrists. Or another option, to deal with the dryness of the skin, add your perfume with a scented body cream to increase its permanence.

Fenty Skin Butta Drop Whipped Oil Body Cream:

With its light, fresh, fruity scent, it activates the senses in the middle of winter. Its rich texture is also a great care for the skin in the cold and dry days of winter.

Focus on the Basis of Fragrance Notes

Light floral and citrus notes are usually found in the top layer of fragrances, which means they’re the first scents you notice when you spray the perfume, but they also change tone quickly and are replaced by longer-lasting base notes. For a long-lasting fragrance, choose woody and musky notes or oriental-based formulas such as amber and oud.

Tip: If you’re brave enough to love mixing the seasons and are on the lookout for rich notes, try squeezing your favorite citrus and floral scent into a woody, spicy winter scent with more lasting bases.

Byredo, Mumbai Noise:

It is incredibly rich, warm and has a lot of fragrance bases. Perfect for the colder months. Warm, cozy, provocative… For anyone who wants a little warmth.

Le Labo Rose 31:

If you want an environmentally friendly fragrance that smells great on almost everyone, Rose 31 is the one. With the feminine scent of rose paired with the masculine notes of cumin, frankincense, cedar, musk and amber, it is a candidate to be the best of both worlds.

Choose the Right Places

We know the right places for spraying perfume,but if we go over it again; wrists, pulse points, and behind the ears…In short, where your skin gets hot the most. However, stop ‘rubbing’ your perfume on your skin because it reduces the diffusion of fragrance, especially on dry skin. In winter, your neck and wrists are often layered with cardigans and sweaters that cover your scent, so spraying your scent on your scarf, coat collar and even lightly in your hair will intensify its effect. Your hair and clothes retain odors longer.

YSL, Black Opium Extreme:

Speaking of intensity, YSL came up with an intense version of Black Opium. I know what you’re thinking… Wasn’t Black Opium already intense enough? The coffee note has been intensified and cocoa has also been added to add more depth. At its heart are jasmine and orange blossom, and then the fragrance intensifies with vanilla and patchouli.




Clean beauty should be included in our efforts to be responsible and sustainable not only for our skin but also for the environment.

Here are the things you need to change to be clean in your self-care and beauty routine, and our favorite environment and skin-friendly care products. Recycled Packaging and Refill Packaging made from recycled plastic or resin saves us from single-use plastic, which is great, but recycled plastic is often not recyclable. Ain’t that a pickle now? Although recycled plastic is an infinitely better choice than disposable, we have a better offer: Refill! That is, cosmetic packaging that can be refilled. Opt for brands that refill instead of throwing away your recycled plastic or glass containers. When you buy any full-size product, L’Occitane gives you a 10 percent discount on the same product, while MAC gives you a free lipstick as a gift after returning six full-size empty products to the store, and finally, Le Labo gives a 20 percent discount to everyone who returns their bottles.

Lindos Naturals, Refill Pure Liquid Castile Soap

Tangerine & Sage, Olive Oil and coconut oil extract.

L’occitane Aromacology Restorative Conditioner Economical Replacement Duo

Contains 5 essential oils of ylang-ylang, sweet orange, lavender, geranium, and angelica to repair damaged hair.

How to: Cruelty-Free

Make sure that the care products you use are Cruelty-Free. A bouncing rabbit stamp is a guarantee that the product has not been tested on animals. If you can’t find this rabbit on the products, learn more about the brand. You will find that brands are very good at telling you about all the work they are doing to become more sustainable and environmentally friendly. If you still can’t find the answers you are looking for, ask the brand directly and examine the reports and lists of international organizations.

The Body Shop, Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil, which you can use to achieve a healthy skin appearance, besides its cooling effect, provides smoothness on the hyperpigmented skin and makes a visible improvement without drying the skin. 

AVEDA, Repair Care Cream

Botanical repair instantly strengthens and helps restore hair from the inside out. With its advanced herbal content, it creates new bonds in the hair and instantly improves the look and feel of damaged hair, making it look healthier, softer and brighter.

Get Rid of the Plastics

There are some plastic-coded care products: toothbrushes and combs are the first things that come to mind and, in fact, their durability is also very questionable. You can switch your plastic toothbrush for a bamboo one.

Wooden combs do not cause electrification created by synthetic combs on the scalp and strands, they are softer. Natural tree fibers help care for your hair.

Crystal combs, on the other hand, are believed to have the power to stimulate and relax the scalp, and that the scalp is connected to your entire body. Massaging your scalp with a jade comb is like acupuncture treatment.

Hidden Chemicals (and waste…)

You can immediately reduce the number of disposable tampons and pads. You also do not have to be exposed to the heavy chemicals used in the production of tampons and pads. Menstrual Cups however, solve all these problems once and for all. Menstrual Cups can be a savior: You can wear these medical silicone cups for up to twelve hours at a time without worrying about leaks. And one cup can be used for ten years! What an important step for the environment!

Note: If you’re used to pads or tampons, give yourself some time.




One day we will just look back at the days when only women wore make up and laugh.

Five years ago the world literally lost an icon, Prince. In addition to originalizing funk, rock and every genre in between with his own style, he turned the concept of gender upside down and topped his iconic style with even more iconic make-up looks. No color was off limits to the High Priest of Pop, no pattern was considered extra. And as a pioneer, he destroyed the gender identity of makeup bags and expanded the boundaries of masculinity.

Once upon a time, in the words of I would Die 4 U, “I’m not a woman. I’m not a man. I’m something that you’ll never understand”, said the timeless icon Prince and Billy Idol, who arrived on the London punk scene in the mid-’70s, started doing his own stage make-up: some contour to highlight his razor-sharp cheeks and colored eyeliner to frame his blue eyes. … Forming the basis of his timeless look, Idol used to say, “With fashion and makeup, you can create yourself and your self-image.”

Then, David Bowie’s ‘gender-fluid’ style and make-up that came with Ziggy Stardust became notorious. While some critics thought Bowie’s chromatic, gender-fluid look was a distracting smoke act and a stage show, Pierre La Roche’s Ziggy makeup caused a splash. Punk rock icons and rock stars, who started to wear make-up, filled stages all over. Mick Jagger and Marc Bolan also discovered that feminizing the boundaries of masculinity on stage actually elevates men, using eyeliner and glitter to set themselves apart from a standard soloist.

Shortly after the glam rock of the ’70s came the ’80s club along with Leigh Bowery and Boy George. Robert Smith and later Marilyn Manson enjoyed their powdery porcelain complexions, deep black eyeshadows, and red lips.

Of course, glam rock was not the first time that men wore makeup. Before singing “I’m an Alligator,” Bowie learned the art of kabuki makeup from Japan’s most famous onnagata, Bandō Tamasaburō V, and spent considerable time among pantomime artists in the 1960s, training with Lindsay Kemp.

Full Male Beauty

Thanks to the radical characters of British glam rock and punk names 40 years ago, we have come to the days of Full Male Beauty. The beauty routine of feminine rock and punk icons has proven that expressing yourself through makeup is as important a part as clothing. Chanel has released a line of men’s makeup earlier this year. No matter who they are marketed to, Drag Queens, who have embraced beauty products for a long time, now set the makeup trends on beauty websites. Participating his first makeup campaign at the age of 17, McArthur became one of the most visible and outspoken trans models of Generation Z. L’Oréal, on the other hand, became the first beauty brand to choose a male model for its True Match foundation line with its #YoursTruly UK campaign. The cast included blogger and makeup artist Gary Thompson, also known as The Plastic Boy, and is the first man to lead a color cosmetics campaign in such a large market. Now he makes the most-watched makeup videos on TikTok and tries all of our favorite brands like Fenty, Byredo, Dior.

Gary Thompson (The Plastic Boy)

We live in a time when a baseball star, Alex Rodriguez, has a concealer line for men and punk rock stars are looking forward to release their own nail polish lines. Recently, after years of flashy and chaotic nail looks on the red carpet, Machine Gun Kelly’s first nail polish brand UN/DN LAQR was launched. The musician often expresses his feminine side through beauty and fashion, and he sees this as an encouraging statement: “I wonder what the world would look like if people didn’t care about what a man should look like”.

Breaking down the gender barriers of fashion, Harry Styles, and the feeling that lies at the center of the gender-neutral beauty brand Pleasing, comes from bodily freedom: “There is a really fun side of makeup where people play a character, but to me, ‘beauty’ is more and more about uncovering. Me seeing a color on a flower or a wallpaper or something and thinking, ‘Oh, I wanna put that on my nails.’ Pleasing, feels like it was so much more than nail polish,” said Mr. Styles.

Generation Z does not accept the beauty norms of previous generations. As a culture, we understand that gender is not a fixed concept. The beauty industry is no longer shaped by the big brands, but the make-up styles, products and campaigns of famous names that break gender barriers. In fact, the Z-favorite MAC, which released its first gender-fluid line with Harris Reed in 2018, this week featured male models with nail polish and make-up for the new face of MAC’s VIVA GLAM lipsticks, created in collaboration with the Keith Haring Foundation, lensed by artist Bryce Anderson.

Change has already been demanded and companies are finally listening. We want cosmetics and makeup be gender-neutral. Campaigns that market to women and feature only women in their advertisements are also rapidly disappearing. To bridge the gap between “masculine” and “feminine”, make-up offered a “genderless” and “colorful” culture. Remember, make-up is a form of expression just like music or art. It doesn’t have a gender. Never did. Never will.

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