Alexander McQueen, in order to highlight the numerous perspectives of creativity, invited 12 artists to create their own personal works inspired by the looks from the Pre FW22 Women’s Collection…

Each artist chose a look from the collection for the project and, through creative dialogue with the fashion house, reshaped the look they chose with their own creativity. The environment of creative freedom offered to the artists created a rich dialogue between their work and the selected looks.

The artworks were designed to be exhibited together with the relevant McQueen designs, to show the individual approaches and the ways in which the artworks and the views interact.

Marcela Correa
Alexander McQueen Pre FW22
Marcela Correa

Artists Participating in the Project:

  • Ann Cathrin November Høibo
  • Beverly Semmes
  • Bingyi
  • Cristina de Middel
  • Guinevere van Seenus
  • Hope Gangloff
  • Marcia Kure
  • Jackie Nickerson
  • Jennie Jieun Lee
  • Judas Companion
  • Marcela Correa
  • Marcia Michael
Jennie Jieun Lee
Alexander McQueen Pre FW22

Alexander McQueen Creative Director Sarah Burton in her assessment of the project, she said: “This season, I wanted to enter into a new creative dialogue with the collection and see how the artists interpret our crafted designs. It was very interesting to see the creativity of so many different points of view, how various and beautiful results were achieved. We wanted the artists to have complete freedom in interpreting the Alexander McQueen looks by having bold and provocative dialogues with their works. We hope that the viewers who witnessed these creative processes will be as inspired as we are,” she said.

Guinevere van Seenus
Alexander McQueen Pre FW22
Guinevere van Seenus
Jackie Nickerson
Alexander McQueen Pre FW22