This Valentine’s Day, Gucci has collaborated with Los Angeles-based visual artist Ariana Papademetropoulos to create a limited-edition zine called “A Love Story Presented by Gucci”.

Displayed through a low-tech graphic novella format, the pages of the digital and printed versions capture a tiny fairy, played by Ariana herself, as she searches for a love her own size with the help of a hero, interpreted by friend and fellow female artist Isabelle Albuquerque. Leveraging on the role of storytelling as powerful means of expressing values and ideals, the fairy’s affairs of the heart become a reminder that love conquers all differences.

Ariana Papademetropoulos is known for exploring the psychological effects of interiors and domestic spaces. Evoking a sense of shifting realities and parallel worlds, she depicts dream-like hyperreal scenes capturing the experience of awakening from a vivid but elusive dream. In occasion of this project, she worked on installations and environments shot by photographer Alexandra Cabral. The story is brought to life through a series of collages inspired by a 60s surrealist, pop style.

Playing a subtle role in the narrative background, is the Valentine’s Day 2022 collection, designed by Creative Director Alessandro Michele. Love takes center stage in the selection featuring newly designed geometrical and multi-faceted heart-shaped chain bags, as well as ones recalling classic popcorn cartons, all with the word “LOVE” printed atop, the leitmotif of the selection. A whimsical mood is reflected on Ace sneakers, slide sandals and silk scarves enriched with GG monogram canvas, along with a selection of pink Padlock and Petite Marmont bags accented with tone-on-tone strawberry and cherry details.

The zine is available online at lovestory.gucci.com/. A limited print version is also given out at the Gucci Garden bookstore in Florence and the Gucci Wooster in NYC from the 10th of February, in time for Valentine’s Day.

“A Love Story Presented by Gucci”

This is the story of two star-crossed lovers, a fairy and a giant who lived in peace and harmony for a very long time. She was tiny and precious, loving to read stories in his ears and to let him carry her in his purse. He was great and strong, yet tender and sweet, enjoying blowing giant bubbles for her to float on and seeing the world through her eyes. But all things come to an end, and one day, with a heart heavy of sorrow and despair, the fairy felt the need to leave and search for a love her own size. Bidding him farewell with one last kiss, she ventured out into the world to find the Land of Tiny Creatures where she thought she belonged.

She wondered in awe, in the land of bliss and love, among beautiful people wearing the most precious garments she had ever seen. She met the prince of the kingdom who asked for her hand in marriage, but as she prepared to say “I do” she was reminded of her gentle giant and so she left just as quickly as she had come. She flew back to him at once and gave him the most heartfelt and passionate kiss. And as their lips touched, the tiny fairy started to grow, and the great giant started to shrink, until they could look each other in the eye and declare eternal love.